The Slight Difference of Supercross This Year

If you have been following the event of Monster Energy AMA Supercross from time to time, you will realize that the 2021 event is slightly different from the previous years. Saturday Night with Round 1 Houston started not like the usual match in the series history. For the first time in two and half decades, the Supercross will start the season outside California.

Supercross 2021

Monster Energy AMA Supercross will open a season outside California. It is different from the previous events because the officials decided to switch the place and time because of the covid-19 pandemic.

Back in 2020, the officials ended the 2020 season with the seven consecutive events. Then there are midweek races and multiple rounds in one city to the 2021 schedule. Saturday was the day of the first of the three races in eight days at the NRG Stadium.

Thanks to the pandemic, the huge changes have driven the locals who are used to welcoming the big event at Anaheim to move to California for the first time in 25 years. We have seen how the officials have been working hard to make the adjustments and tests between the races in different venues. The careful tests had been conducted to make sure that the new venues will accommodate the same spectacular experiences that all of the Supercross fans will enjoy across the globe.

While there are some speculations which can be huge changes because of the location, both the officials and participants of the event won’t think so. For instance, Adam Cianciarulo from Kawasaki also stated that he didn’t think that the location was going to hold such an important role that could change the game.

Whether it is in Anaheim or California, most racers would believe that there would be the same type of great moments that all of the fans across the globe can catch up on. The only difference might be this year won’t be grabbing as many attendees as before. The crowd won’t be at full capacity because the officials limit the numbers of the attendees for the sake of safety. The covid-19 protocols have dictated how the organizers and participants practice the upcoming event.

We could agree that the atmos[phere might be less flaming than before because there’s a significant reduction in the number of attendees in the upcoming venue.

But it is a Supercross, Buddy! We will expect something spectacular despite the health protocols preventing us from gathering. It will still be surprising and nerve-wracking. For those who have been following the races for a while, you don’t have to worry since the officials have the ways to make the events more spectacular. Experts also suggested their interests to see something new in the California races.

There have been some previews about the California venue. And you can agree that the dirt is very good. It will host such fantastic events to watch from the beginning to the end. Expect to watch this fantastic spectacle on NBC and hover your mouse to the official site to find out more information about it.

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