Interesting Things to Watch in the AMA Monster Energy Supercross

The closing of the 2020 AMA Monster Energy Supercross season was fantastic. If you have been following the spectacle for a while, you know that Eli Tomac and Ken Roczen were the last riders to watch back in 2020.

Eli Tomac and Ken Roczen

There’s a huge difference hereafter the covid-19 affected all of the things. Tomac has such stable victories through the final seven races. Meanwhile, Roczen ended up without a crown in 2020. Roczen benchmarks have been defined after getting out from the illnesses and injuries challenges. Ricky Carmichael said something in the NBC Sports session. He sounded that Ken Roczen would have the great chance to get it done for the 2021 season. The reason was simple. It was his best years.

Roczen makes a comeback for 2021 with great dedication and motivation. It is great to expect he made such surprises in the upcoming event because he rigorously trained during the off-season.

Roczen also stated that benched off during the season was the best decision for him and his team. He prepared for something big coming. He also added that he had prepared everything with a great amount of work and dedication so that he felt so convenient on the bike. He was up for it and ready for the bigger challenges.

Tomac had been missing him to line up next to Roczen at Pro Motocross Outdoors events.

The competition will be motivating not only for Roczen but also Tomac and the other racers including Zach Osborne and Adam Cianciarulo. All of the racers will be motivated to return to the 450 Supercross, along with several popular names Dylan Ferrandis, Chase Sexton, and Marvin Musquin. But thanks to the pandemic, there will be changes in the Supercross scenarios.

The officials have run some tests on the Salt Lake City rounds to see if there are possible changes in the 2021 season in regards to the Covid-19 pandemic situation. Obviously, we can see that the covid-19 protocols are paramount for all sports events, including the Supercross 2021. The covid-19 protocols are relevant to all of the involved parties including the athletes, media, series staff, as well as team members). not to mention that the limited number of attendees will also get tested before going into the venues.

In this case, Houston will have three events in eight days. So, the organizers and venue staff will meticulously check on the entrances. Those who have negative tests on Covid will have a clear entrance to join with the Saturday and Tuesday races. Another test is needed to clear the risks of contagious diseases. That also includes the departing and returning to the host city. Those who have been commuting or transporting will have to show the negative test results to the officials to get clearance when coming in and out. As we know, the limited numbers of crowds will be attending the races and Fan Festival areas. But none of them will have special access to the paddock where the teams are residing.

Covid-19 testing might be the biggest concern from the officials. But that’s it. We still have the chance to see the spectacle right at the home, office, or anywhere we want.

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